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Over $8,500 in Scholarships Awarded to Local Students

The Community Foundation of Louisa County awarded over $8,500 in scholarships to local students through funds established to support post-secondary education.

Scholarships awarded by each school follows:

Columbus Community High School

Lisle (Doc) and Jeanette Luithly Scholarship: Daniel Martinez

Louisa-Muscatine High School

Schlutz Future of Agriculture Scholarship: Bryer Runnells and Kendal Pugh

Wapello High School

Don and Donna Williams Scholarship: Madelyn Lanz, Torrie Walker, and Montana Boline

Edwin R. Hicklin Memorial Scholarship: Madelyn Lanz, Torrie Walker, and Quinn Veach

Ray and Evelyn Werner Scholarship: Madelyn Lanz

Pictured above: Daniel Martinez presented the Lisle (Doc) and Jeanette Luithly Scholarship by Dave and Donna Wittman.

Scholarship awards are made possible by our generous donors and scholarship fund holders. For more information about establishing your own scholarship fund, call the Community Foundation office at 563-264-3863 or visit our website at

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