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2023 Community Caring Award Nominations

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Is there someone you think should be recognized for the work they do for their community? Nominate them for the Community Caring Award sponsored by the Community Foundation of Louisa County!

Nominations are due by Tuesday, January 31, 2023. The award winner will be recognized at the Community Foundation's Annual Celebration in March.

Pictured above: 2022 Community Caring Award Recipient Verl Lekwa

Left to right: Donna Williams and Sherry Humphreys from the Community Foundation, Earlene and Verl Lekwa, and their son David Lekwa


Verl Lekwa

Shelly Singleton

Tom Bryant

Tom Woodruff

Brian Cummings

Joan Delzell

Marsha Gerot

Karen Koppe

Hoyt Griffin

Ed Bayne

Al Bohling

Connie Malone

Bob & Marilyn Schlutz

Connie Lewis

Tonya Lanz

Kathy Vance

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