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New Funding to Support Mental Health

The Community Foundation of Louisa County has partnered with Louisa County Community Services to establish a Mental Health Fund to support Louisa County residents.


This flexible funding is available to provide financial support for needs that other programs do not cover, such as clinical appointments, counseling, family support, therapeutic programs, medication, education, transportation, and meals.


“Addressing mental health needs is a critical investment in the well-being of Louisa County residents,” said Sherry Humphreys, Board Chair, Community Foundation of Louisa County. “Allocating funding to mental health services is an affirmation of our commitment to nurturing a healthier and more resilient community. Through this funding, we hope to empower individuals to access the care and resources they need.”

This is a free program to support Louisa County children under the age of 18 who have needs related to a mental health diagnosis.

Applications for funding are also available at Louisa County Community Services. For more information or application assistance, contact Cyndi Mears, General Assistance Director at Louisa County Community Services, at 319-523-5125.

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