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2023 Community Caring Award Presented to Raymond Fisher

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Raymond Fisher was awarded the 2023 Community Caring Award from the Community Foundation of Louisa County.

Pictured above: Vicki and Raymond Fisher, Diane Hayes Thayer, Sherry Humphreys, and Donna Williams

Raymond was nominated by Diane Hayes Thayer for his consistent support to Wapello, the surrounding communities, and the greater Louisa County area.

Raymond is a past-president, as well as the current president, of the Louisa County Historical Society. He most recently stepped into the role when the need for leadership presented itself and has worked hard to ensure that the Society continues to be a relevant organization, presenting valuable programming to the community. The Wapello Cemetery Board has enjoyed strong, consistent leadership from Raymond for many years. His care and concern that the Wapello cemetery be a place of honor is self-evident. Along with his son-in-law, Raymond has helped to coordinate an annual classic car show as part of the Chief Wapello Days celebration each summer. This car show attracts both local and regional spectators and participants and is a perfect opportunity to display what Wapello has to offer as well as contribute to the economic well-being of the community. Over the years, Raymond has belonged to several organizations, some no longer in existence, but all of them, in their time, dedicated to the betterment of the county, the town of Wapello, or to a specific community or project. Raymond seems to know everyone, and everyone knows Raymond! Having worked at the Wapello Elevator and associated Farm Store for a number of years, he eventually took over management of the Wapello Elevator. As manager he guided the Elevator through the ups and downs of agriculture for many years and came to know virtually every farmer in the area. Raymond’s enthusiasm for any project that saves a downtown building or contributes to the betterment of the community is infectious. He is equally at home facilitating a discussion on “what can be done” as he is shoveling debris from a building slated for possible restoration. His home is a stunningly beautiful example of early 1900’s architecture. Raymond is the embodiment of community caring and pride. He accepts responsibilities to care for the community in his service on boards and in various organizations and projects, but he also lives that community pride through his hobbies and his home. A day spent with Raymond is an education in the town of Wapello and the people who lived and continue to live there. We thank Raymond for his dedication and service to improve quality of life and preserve the history of Louisa County. The Community Caring Award was presented at the Louisa County Historical Society's soup supper on March 15. As part of the award, Raymond received an engraved crystal stand and a $250 grant will be made in his honor to a non-profit organization in Louisa County.

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